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  • Did you get a Traffic Ticket?
  • Do you have old traffic tickets that you would like to get cleared?
  • Did you miss a recent court date and now have a Failure to Appear notice?
  • Has your license been suspended or revoked?
  • Is your driving record important to you?
  • Are you afraid your insurance rates will skyrocket?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then you need to call the experienced traffic ticket lawyers at Fix-A-Ticket, Inc. for a FREE CONSULTATION by calling toll free today (855) 349-2849.  Se habla Espanol.

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Experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyers Los Angeles

By hiring Fix-A-Ticket you are hiring an extremely experienced  and committed traffic ticket lawyer to fight and win for you; one who understands how important a clean driving record means to you and your livelihood.

Our traffic ticket lawyers are most accomplished and successful at keeping points off your driving record, dismissing your traffic citation completely, negotiating your citation to a non-point offense, or reducing your fine. We FIX  TRAFFIC TICKETS and go to any court in the State of California. 

Fix-A-Ticket handles all types of traffic violations, from speeding tickets and failure to stop to red light camera tickets, illegal lane change tickets, DMV hearings, failures to appear in court and other misdemeanors, and select personal injury matters. Call the traffic ticket lawyers at Fix-A-Ticket today so you can keep your driving record clean and your insurance rates low.

If you are a commercial truck driver, look no further than Fix-A-Ticket if you have issues with your commercial driver’s license (CDL). Our traffic ticket lawyers fix tickets for following too closely, overweight violations, logbook violations, and more.

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Tickets that we Fix

Traffic Tickets

Our traffic ticket lawyers get traffic tickets dismissed all the time and we can do the same for you. Do not pay that traffic ticket before contacting us for a FREE CONSULTATION. We can appear in any California court for:

Misdemeanor Charges

If you have been cited for exhibition of speed (100+ mph), reckless driving, or driving without a license, our lawyers can represent you. We put the burden on the prosecution to prove their case against you. If your case is strong enough we will conduct a jury trial.

Commercial Drivers

Our experienced commercial traffic ticket lawyers understand that if you are a trucker, your commercial driver’s license is your livelihood. About 400,000 tickets are issued each month to truckers and one serious violation can remain on your record for 3 years and may place you on probation We can defend your CDL against speeding tickets, red light tickets, and trucker-specific tickets such as:


Mediation gives people a quick, inexpensive way to work out their differences while addressing everyone’s needs and interests. Decisions reached in mediation are created by the people who are in conflict, not imposed on them by a judge. - Traffic Tickets
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Summer Whitson
Summer Whitson
Highly recommended. Got my email this morning saying my ticket was dismissed. Thank you Jason and staff for keeping me... in the loop with more
Love Alda
Love Alda
I have a DUI and I recently got a speeding ticket. They helped me out and got my case DISMISSED ! I was so relieved !... Thanks to them now I can get start expunging the DUI! Love you guys!read more
Cervando Y Cuquis Gonzalez
Cervando Y Cuquis Gonzalez
Es un buen abogado me ayudaron en mi multa de velocidad con 0 puntos a mi licencia comercial, 💯 recomendado
Junior Castillo
Junior Castillo
Hector Gallegos
Hector Gallegos
Toly Del
Toly Del
These guys are awesome... CASE DISMISSED ..saved me over $470.00 and no points... if you need a lawyer they are the... ones to more


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