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Attention Truck Drivers & Commercial Driver’s License Holders Our experienced trucker lawyers understand that if you are a trucker, your commercial driver’s license is your livelihood. About 400,000 tickets are issued each month to truckers, with your CDL one serious violation can stick to your record for 3 years and […]

Truck Driver?

Misdemeanor Traffic Charges are simple traffic violations usually lead to a traffic ticket and are considered infractions. If you have been cited for: exhibition of speed (100+ mph).. WE CAN REPRESENT YOU! reckless driving.. WE CAN REPRESENT YOU! driving without a license… WE CAN REPRESENT YOU! We put the burden […]

Misdemeanor Traffic Charges?

Recently received a Traffic Ticket? We get traffic tickets dismissed all the time and we can do the same for you. Do not pay that traffic ticket before contacting us for a FREE CONSULTATION. We can appear in any California court for: Speeding Ticket Stop Sign Violation Running a Red […]

Traffic Ticket?