California’s 2019 Traffic Laws & Fines

Traffic Fine Rule (Violation) Fine
Forgot to bring a driver's license
Forgot to change the address (more than ten days)
Uninsured car in accident
$796 and’ driver's license revoke for 4 years
Did not stop at red light or turning right
Crossing double yellow line
Violation of the turn or turn around
Stop sign but did not stop
Pass the flashing light of school bus
Stop at the bus stop
Not wearing a seat belt
Driving with high bim light (from 30 points)
Child did not wear a seat belt or not in a child seat
Covering car door
Driving with headphones on
Speeding 1-15 miles $224
Speeding 16-25 miles $338
usually the police determined that speeding is over 5 miles.4
On rainy day it is not allowed to exceed 65 miles. With fog, the speed of car should be slower than usually.
Talking on cell phone first time $76, second time $190, same penalty even if you are just holding the cell phone in your hand!