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DMV Hearings

The Los Angeles DMV will, more than likely, issue a driver’s license suspension right after a first time arrest or any consecutive alcohol-related DUI arrest in California. The DMV gives you the option of a restricted license or an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installation in your car. The alternative is to suspend your driver’s license.

We, as your traffic ticket and traffic misdemeanor lawyers, can make this request during the DMV hearing. If the case involves a DUI, we have the experience to ensure that your license remains valid as your your DUI case is being processed.

What is a Driver Safety Administrative Hearing?

DMV hearings are held in county offices, not in California state courts. The real reason for the hearing is for the DMV to deterine if your driver’s license should be suspended. Typically, a suspension notification is issued by the police when they arrest you for DUI and this acts as a temporary driving permit for a month thereafter.

The suspension notification will also indicate that a DMV hearing is necessary within 10 days of your DUI arrest. This gives you the time to hire a DUI lawyer so that you can fight the charges and the suspension of your driver’s license. If you donl’t request a DMV hearing in 10 days, then your licesne will be suspended after 30 days.

Getting your driver’s license back from suspension hinges on these factors:

  • Enrolling in a California-regulated DUI school
  • Submitting an insurance SR-22 form
  • Paying the reinstatement fee
  • Getting IID installed in your car

Remember to adhere to the 10 day time frame when requesting a DMV hearing. Hiring a DUI lawyer will make things much more smoothly.


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