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Drunk Driving – It’s Just Not Worth It

In California, over 2,500 sobriety checkpoints are conducted each year.

These roadblocks are intended to help to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the road and are commonly held on holidays or on days of events when people are more likely to be drinking, such as the Super Bowl. If you’ve been drinking, avoiding a sobriety checkpoint by taking an alternate route does not put you in the clear. Not only do you still run the risk of being pulled over, but you are putting yourself and others in danger.

If caught driving under the influence, you will look at possible jail time, and your fines will be in the thousands of dollars. That estimate doesn’t even include the cost of a DUI lawyer, DUI school, DMV feeds, and increase in car insurance payments. You can also expect the suspension of your license. Of course, the county in which you receive a DUI will affect the fines you pay.

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Anyone under 21 receiving one of these tickets will be in a much tougher situation. These young violators will not only receive a DUI but also a MIP (Minor in Possession of Alcohol). Also, the law is harsher for those under 21, with the alcohol limit for driving being .05% Blood Alcohol Level (BAC), as opposed to the .08% BAC applied to legal drinkers. Drunk driving is simply not worth it–at any age.

If you find yourself with one of these expensive and life-altering tickets, you should contact a traffic attorney right away. That way you’ll have a chance to reduce the fines you owe or try to get less points on your license. If you received your violation in California, Call Fix A Ticket now at 855-349-2849 to figure out how to best handle your case right away.


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