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Happy July 4th!

Our 4 tips on interacting with law enforcement

Fix-A-Ticket: 4th of JulyJuly 4th weekend is just around the corner and that means fireworks, BBQs, and pool parties. It also means increased law enforcement patrols. So, we thought we would provide our clients a few tips on how best to interact with law enforcement during a stop.

1) Provide the officer with a valid Driver’s License, Registration and Insurance.
– Make sure the above items are in your vehicle and in paper format. Officers do not want to see these items on a phone and are not very patient so have them ready to go.

2) Manners count!!!
– Yes officer, thank you and have a nice day. These are three phrases that you should use. You would be surprised how many officers are willing to let you off with a warning because you are polite.

3) Do not volunteer or admit anything! Do not volunteer or admit anything!
– That is not a typo, we repeat this because we want our clients to let the officer prove his/her allegation. You do not need to make the officer’s job any easier by admitting you were speeding, drinking, texting or the like. If the officer asks you if you know why you were pulled over you can cooperate and be polite without admitting or volunteering information by simply stating “I am not certain, can you PLEASE tell me”.

4) If you receive a citation sign it, take a photo of it and send it to Fix A Ticket.

So very many people receive a ticket and then forget about it resulting in warrants, failures to appear, driver license holds and even suspension.
Don’t let that happen to you!
Take a picture of your ticket and send it to us by email at: or by text message at 213-760-2835 or fax us at 855-444-1060.

Have a great Holiday!


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