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Jaywalking Ticket Lawyer
Los Angeles

Jaywalking Ticket Lawyer Los AngelesIf you receive a jaywalking ticket, don’t ignore it. Come to the jaywalking ticket lawyers with the knowledge and experience to beat or have your jaywalking ticket dismissed. You should always want your day in court, and it is your right.  There are couple of things that can happen – first the officer who cited you could fail to appear in court for your hearing.  If this happens, the judge won’t have a choice but to dismiss the charges and refund your bail.

The second alternative is that the citing officer appears.  At this point, you can either plead guilty or not guilty and provide an explanation for what happened. At this moment, this is when the experienced traffic ticket and jaywalking lawyers at Fix-A-Ticket will come in extremely handy.  Don’t do this by yourself if you really want to beat the jaywalking ticket.

We consider several factors in your defense.  What was the line of sight of the officer?  Were they far away?  What time of day was it?  Day or night?  How was the weather?  What were the traffic conditions?  There might have been cars in the citing officer’s line of sight.  Were there any photographs that prove your defense?

Our jaywalking ticket lawyers know that the best defense is putting the burden on the police officer and the prosecution.  Hopefully you didn’t make a scene such that there is no way the officer could forget you.  Not knowing the law is not a defense.  Police in Los Angeles and all over California are really looking out for pedestrian safety and that means that the chances of getting a jaywalking ticket or pedestrian ticket have increased.  If you get a jaywalking ticket, call the traffic ticket lawyers at Fix-A-Ticket for a free consultation about how to defend yourself: (855) 349-2849.


Fix-A-Ticket handles all types of traffic violations. We FIX  TRAFFIC TICKETS and go to any court in the State of California.

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