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Red Light Camera Ticket Lawyer Los Angeles

Red light camera ticket lawyer Los AngelesFix-A-Ticket red light camera ticket lawyers have specialized knowledge and strategies designed to dismiss Red Light Tickets in Los Angeles and throughout California.

Even if the prosecution produces evidence that shows you driving the vehicle, our red light camera ticket lawyers can still beat your ticket.  The private companies that operate the red light cameras have rules and regulations that they have to follow.  If they do not, the red light camera ticket will be dismissed.

Red light camera requirements include the following:

  1. Warning signs regarding the presence of red light cameras
  2. Yellow light intervals based on the speed limited posted
  3. Warning periods of 30 days
  4. Clear driver photos
  5. Delivery of the red light camera ticket within 15 days of the alleged violation
  6. Activation of the service being put on notice for the public

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Many, if not most of the companies that operate red light cameras do not meet these requirements.  We use this specialized knowledge everyday to beat red light camera tickets on a very regular basis.  Let us fix your red light ticket.

We work hard to get your Los Angeles traffic ticket dismissed by setting the matter for trial in front of a judge.  There are a lot of legal defenses that are available to you in all cases. We know them all.

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