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Summer, Road Trips and Staying Safe

Memorial Day has just passed and that means time to gas up the car and go on a Summer road trip. Here are a few tips for staying safe while driving and possibly avoiding a traffic ticket along the way:

  1. check your tires, and lights. Make sure your tires are in good shape and all your light bulbs, including turning signals are in proper order.
  2. set cruise control. Avoid the need for speed, set your cruise control for the top speed and enjoy the ride.
  3. map out your trip. Get familiar with your route prior to getting behind the wheel.
  4. be polite. Avoid tailgating and abrupt turns. And, if you are pulled over be sure to cooperate and do not argue.
  5. have our number on speed dial 855-349-2849. If you have an issue we offer a free Consultation.

Call us toll free with any questions 855-349-2849. Visit us online at Fix A Ticket
Have a great Summer.


Jason R. Miller, Esq.


Fix-A-Ticket handles all types of traffic violations. We FIX  TRAFFIC TICKETS and go to any court in the State of California.

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