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You are driving safely along the road and all of a sudden those bright red and white lights flash from behind you. Immediately you think “oh no, what did I do?” In our experience, most of the time it’s for speeding so you’ll need a very experienced speeding ticket lawyer who knows the system and the judges, and knows how to get your ticket dismissed.  Or perhaps you need a red light camera ticket lawyer, HOV ticket lawyer or even a DUI lawyer. Or, if you’re a commercial driver, perhaps the violation was for following too closely. Why pay the penalties and fines, not to mention the point or more on your driving record and a drastic hike in your insurance rates?

For the same amount of money or less, you can hire an experienced Los Angeles traffic ticket lawyer at Fix-A-Ticket and give yourself a fighting chance. This is what we do quite successfully. We fight traffic tickets… and win! You’ll also avoid having to spend a full day or more in traffic court.

We are your one-stop traffic ticket service for all traffic tickets in Los Angeles and the State of California.

Fix-A-Ticket traffic ticket services handle and fix any traffic ticket. Call us toll-free today at (855) 349-2849.

Our traffic ticket lawyers get traffic tickets dismissed all the time and we can do the same for you. Do not pay that traffic ticket before contacting us for a FREE CONSULTATION. We can appear in Los Angeles or any California court for:

If you have been cited for exhibition of speed (100+ mph), reckless driving, or driving without a license, our traffic misdemeanor lawyers can represent you. We put the burden on the prosecution to prove its case against you. If your misdemeanor case is strong enough we will conduct a jury trial.

The Los Angeles DMV will, more than likely, issue a driver’s license suspension right after a first time arrest or any consecutive alcohol-related DUI arrest in California. The DMV gives you the option of a restricted license or an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installation in your car. The alternative is to suspend your driver’s license.

We, as your traffic ticket and traffic misdemeanor lawyers, can make this request during the DMV hearing. If the case involves a DUI, we have the experience to ensure that your license remains valid as your your DUI case is being processed.

Our experienced trucker lawyers understand that if you are a trucker, your commercial driver’s license is your livelihood. About 400,000 tickets are issued each month to truckers and one serious violation can remain on your record for 3 years and may place you on probation. We can defend your CDL against speeding tickets, red light tickets, and trucker-specific tickets such as:

If negligence has caused you to suffer physical, emotional and/or financial hardship in Los Angeles, you need an experienced and seasoned personal injury lawyer. Attorney Jason R. Miller will work hard to help you protect your rights.  He will make sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve so that you can go on with life.

Mediation gives people a quick, inexpensive way to work out their differences while addressing everyone’s needs and interests. Decisions reached in mediation are created by the people who are in conflict, not imposed on them by a judge.

Save Money and Time: Get Your Traffic Ticket Dismissed

Fix-A-Ticket not only knows the California Vehicle Code inside and out, but we know the judges, the prosecutors, and all that must be taken into account to defend against a traffic ticket in Los Angeles. Our traffic ticket services include getting your traffic ticket dismissed, keeping your license safe and your driving record clean.

Save Time: We Go To Court For You

Free up your valuable time and hire us to go to court for you. Our traffic ticket services also include going to traffic court for you. Court can be time consuming. You have more important things to do than wait in line all day long. The time you waste in court could end up costing you more than what it would take to hire a traffic ticket lawyer who knows how to beat your ticket.

Don’t take a chance when it comes to your license. Fix-A-Ticket traffic ticket services handle and fix any traffic ticket.

Call us toll-free today at (855) 349-2849.


Fix-A-Ticket handles all types of traffic violations. We FIX  TRAFFIC TICKETS and go to any court in the State of California.

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