If you or someone you know is arrested for DUI or drunk driving, it is very important to call a lawyer as soon as possible, but definitely not any later than 10 days after the arrest.  This will help avoid any mandatory license suspension.  This goes both for California drivers and those from out of state.  If you wait for the actual court date to arrive, the license may already be suspended and you won’t be able to get a hearing to at least fight the action without having to appear.  If you hire us, our attorneys will go to court so you don’t have to.

The decisions and strategies followed after an arrest determine your future.  It does not make sense to just settle for a guilty plea.  Such a conviction for DUI or drunk driving could result in job loss, a criminal record, and even jail time.

Our attorneys will seek immediate release of the individual from jail until any court appearance.  This release could be on the person’s own recognizance, bail, or an electronic monitoring program.  We will look to have all allegations dismissed prior to charges being filed and get a temporary driver’s license pending the Administrative Per Se California DMV Hearing.