6206954There are many traffic violations that could result in the suspension of a California driver’s license.  Drunk driving, refusing to submit a blood alcohol test for DUI offense, having an outstanding California warrant like FTAspeeding ticketreckless driving, leaving the scene of accident, not having car insurance, having too many points on your license, failure to pay your fines, failure to file an accident report, fleeing an officer and failure to appear in court are some of the actions that can end in a suspended drivers license in California.  Some of the other reasons may not even be related to driving, like not paying child support, drug possession, or vandalism.

If your license is suspended, you will be issued a temporary license for thirty days.  One has 10 days after having their license suspended to request a DMV hearing regarding the matter.

Driving on a suspended license is a misdemeanor.  This comes with fines and jail time.  If it is your second violation, your vehicle will be impounded and possibly sold after 30 days.

The driver’s license is suspended for 6 months and the driver remains on probation for a year.  If there is another accident or traffic citation, the suspension and probation could be extended for an additional 6 months.  A California DMV hearing can be requested and is not about whether the driver is guilty, but rather about the circumstances and situation that were the cause of the suspension of the driver’s license.  A traffic attorney can be present for you and we recommend that you definitely hire one.  You might be able to get your license back and sometimes a restricted driver’s license may be issued for you.