A commercial driver is always being watched by their own employer, the general public, and of course the police.  They are also under pressure to hurry up and deliver their load on time.  Taken together, these issues can easily lead to a logbook violation in California and if enforced can result in a citation of up to $2,000.  The amount depends on the citing officer and their perception.  For example, if the CDL holder is carrying a large number of travelers or hazardous materials, the fine will go up because there are human lives or toxic materials at issue.

There are many factors that act together when a police officer requests to see the commercial driver’s CDL and logbook and decides how to cite the commercial driver.  The complex set of laws that apply were enforced by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  More often than not, the company will ask the commercial driver to simply pay the fine without argument and then keep moving to meet the deadline for delivery.  But what goes unrecognized is the fact that if the commercial driver gets another violation the logbook is spoiled and so is their professional reputation.  It’s not likely that a company would like to hire a commercial driver who has more than one logbook violation.  In addition, if there is a record of consistent logbook violations, insurance will go through the roof and may become unaffordable altogether.  Going without insurance is never a good thing.  Don’t simply pay the logbook violation – call the experienced commercial driver attorneys at Fix-A-Ticket for a free consultation to explore your options.