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Fact: using a cell phone while driving makes it more likely that a traffic accident will occur.  According to third party and governmental studies, this is because talking on the phone and driving creates an inattentive driver and is a main contributor to traffic accidents.  For example, if you are trying to dial a number, you are distracting your attention from the road and towards your cell phone and your ability to react and detect changes in the driving environment is significantly reduced.  In addition, if you are in the middle of a conversation, your brain becomes distracted and is no longer fully focused on driving.

California made cell phone use while driving illegal as of July 1, 2008.  Unless a hands-free device or the speaker phone option is used, a driver is given a cell phone ticket.  Minor drivers are not allowed to use cell phones at all, regardless of whether they are using a hands-free device or the speaker.  While there are no laws against text-messaging that does not mean that the police cannot stop you for driving unsafely.  It should be noted that drivers are not banned from using a cell phone if you need to call law enforcement, the fire department, or another emergency service.

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A cell phone ticket appears on your driving record, but it is a non-moving violation and carries no points.  We encourage fighting the ticket if there is evidence that the call was made to an emergency service provider, such as the police or fire department.

Engaging in a telephone conversation consumes a great deal of attention and processing skills, which reduces the brain’s ability to drive and react quickly.  In fact, it has been proven that the use of a hands-free device makes no difference because the chances of getting into an auto accident are just as likely.  The issuance of cell phone tickets has created a reduction of people talking on the cell-phone and driving, it will ensure the safety of the other drivers on the streets.

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