3443377If you get a traffic ticket while you are out of state, it can result in getting a point on your driver’s license record in California.

Out of State or Town Driver

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States Share and Report Traffic Violations

If you get a ticket while you are out of state, it may result in getting a point against your license in the state that you are from.  This may happen if:

  • You are a resident of California and got at ticket while outside of California
  • You are an out-of-state resident and were cited for a violation while in California

The DMV will determine under VC Section 13363 whether a violation committed out-of-state would be grounds for a suspension or revocation of your license.  The DMV could take action against you for any out of state convictions you may be subject to.  The same concept applies to any collisions that you have while you are outside the state of California.  The collision will be reported to the DMV through what is known as the Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS).  PDPS is a National Driver Register for out-of-state law enforcement agencies to record such occurrences against individual driver records.  If there is not enough information available to asses blame, the collision will not receive a point and no action is imposed, unless the driver’s license is already suspended or on probation and the collision occurs with evidence that the driver was driving on an already suspended license.

If it determined after review that the driver was responsible, was under the influence of alcohol, injured, then the report will be updated and the driver’s license record will have a point added to it.