For over the past 20 years, anytime a driver or passenger gets into a vehicle California law requires that they wear a seat belt.  Law enforcement agencies throughout the state are attempting to increase the amount of seat belt tickets because of the massive number of fatal accidents that occur with people failing to wear seat belts.  Since the fines start at over $100, any driver who gets one of these tickets should not go down without a fight.

It doesn’t matter how short your drive might be, anyone who gets into a vehicle must and should wear a seat belt at all times.  It is estimated that over 12,000 lives were saved from fatal injuries simply by wearing a seat belt in 2010 alone.  Somehow, people still fail to put on their seatbelt and significantly increase their chances of not only getting a large fine, but suffering a very avoidable and serious injury.

If you were an individual who got caught with their seat belt off, give the seat belt ticket lawyers at Fix-A-Ticket a call.  We beat seat belt tickets all over California.