What Is The Cost of a Speeding Ticket?

Many people ask us about the cost of a speeding ticket.  And, the answer is a moving target.

The base cost of a speeding ticket can range from $30, $70, $100 and $200 based upon the underlying speeding charge.  So, if you are going 1-15 miles per hour over the speed limit your base fine is $30, if your speed is 16 miles -24 miles above the limit the fine jumps to $70.  If the base speed is 25 miles over the speed limit the base fine is $100 and if you are alleged to be going over 100 miles per hour the base fine is $200.  That is not all however. 

There are penalties and assessments added to the base fine which causes the total amount to jump by about 5x the base amount.  For example that $35 ticket after these taxes are added goes up to $238, that $70 ticket rises up to $356 and that $100 tickets sky- rockets to $490.  In addition, if you wanted to take traffic school to keep that point of your driving record the court adds a $64 administrative fee.  Then, you must complete a court approved 8 hour traffic school program which will set you back about another $25. 

If you are not eligible for traffic school because you have taken it for a prior ticket within 18 months or because you are speeding 25 miles over the limit then you will receive a point and your insurance will go up.  If all this sounds stressful or too complicated please call us for a free consultation.